Your Loved One is Not Only a Statistic

I know when I first heard someone say that my brother was another suicide statistic, the anger I felt was unfathomable. I thought “How dare someone compare my little brother to just being a number.” He was much more than that to me and everyone else who knew him. My brother was compassionate, he was loving and he was selfless. No matter the time or the place, if someone needed help, Cailean was there.

A few years after I heard someone refer to him as a statistic, with a clear mind, I was able to think about it in a more rational sense. What came to my mind made more sense. If Cailean had not become one of those numbers, those seeking help would have less options. There wouldn’t be songs hitting the tops of charts about suicide. There wouldn’t be as many field advocates or foundations for those trying to seek help. There wouldn’t be more volunteers dedicating their time to crisis lines to help those in need. There also wouldn’t be as many people seeking help, because they would not have the options that we have today.

So, trust me. I know it hurts like absolute hell not having your loved one here. I would do anything just to have Cailean back. Here’s my advice. Miss them like hell every single day. Talk about them all of the time. Also, remember that because of them, there is such thing as suicide awareness. They are heroes, whether we know it or not. Now, that because of people like them, there are other people who have a better chance at life who will be able to tell their story. Without them, we stand a better chance at fighting suicide. It’s all thanks to people like our loved ones. Never forget that.

Published by A suicide Survivors Guide

I’m a lover of all life, and an advocate for suicide prevention. Originally from Maryland, I currently reside in Missouri with my boyfriend, our dog, kittens and calves.

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